Books & Chapbooks:

Songs of Brujería (Working Title), Big Lucks, 2019

Of Color: Poets’ Ways of Making :: An Anthology of Essays on Transformative Poetics,
Edited by: Amanda Galvan Huynh & Luisa A. Igloria, The Operating SystemMarch 2019



Three Poems, Hypertext ReviewFall 2018

When I Try to Write a Love Poem, Zone 3Fall 2018

The Things They Said to Us: A Collection of Stones, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Fall 2018

Where My Umbilical is Buried, Texas Review PressFall 2018


Two poems, Harpur PalateWinter/Spring 2018

SomewherewildnessAugust 2018

Only One of Us Can Breathe in Space, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Fall 2018

Two Poems, HuizacheFall 2018

Vietxican BarbieThe Southampton ReviewSummer/Fall 2018

Two poems, The Boiler Journal, Spring/Summer Double Issue 2018

Three poemsWatershed ReviewMay 2018

letter to my first bornUp the Staircase QuarterlyMay 2018

When My Little Sister Mistakes Selena for Selena GomezUp the Staircase QuarterlyMay 2018

You Have To Be Ready, RHINO Poetry, Spring 2018

Tongue Untethered, The Shallow Ends, April 2018

Three poems, The Acentos Review, February 2018

Stainless (Reprint), Houston’s Favorite Poems by Calypso Editions, January 2018

Five poems, TAYO Literary Magazine, Annual Issue 2017-2018

When the Weather Changes, Silk Road Review, Fall 2017

The Summer My Cousin Grew Taller than Me, Silk Road Review, Fall 2017

Enough, Rust + Moth, Summer 2017

Notes on AbsenceWhurkApril 2017

The Day After July 7, 2016, Entropy, July 2016

What Are You?, Tahoma Literary Review, Summer 2016
AWP Intro Journal Project Award 2016

the street has changed, Front Porch Journal, Summer 2016

Before I was Born, The Boiler Journal, June 2016

When I Ask My Brother About Our Dad, The Boiler Journal, June 2016

Hunger, Muzzle Magazine, June 2016

Stainless, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, December 2015

To Her Husband, As/Us: A Space for Women of the World, December 2015

Returning to the Moment I Learned to Count
, The Acentos Review, November 2015

Dull Circles
The Acentos Review, November 2015

Tết, Newfound Journal, 2015 Print No. 2

The First Language, Huizache, Fall 2015


When My Little Sister Mistakes Selena for Selena Gomez, Up the Staircase Quarterly, 2018 Best of the Net Nomination
You Have To Be Ready, Rhino Poetry, 2018 Editor’s Prize Second Place
Enough, Rust + Moth, 2017 Pushcart Prize Nominee
What Are You?, Association of Writers & Writing Programs, 2016 AWP Intro Journal Award
The First Language, Newfound, 2015 Gloria Anzaldúa Poetry Prize Finalist


Book Review: A Review of Virgin by Analicia Sotelo
by Amanda Galvan Huynh, Four Lit Ties ReviewApril 2018

Book Review: A Review of Indictus by Natalie Eilbert
by Amanda Galvan Huynh, Four Lit Ties Review, March 2018


Beautiful Wheel: A Chat with Theodore Deppe [Interview]
by Amanda Huynh, Barely South Review, Fall 2015

A Voice in Two Worlds: An Interview with Dr. Luisa A. Igloria
by Amanda Huynh, Barely South Review, Fall 2014


‘Tongue Untethered’ by Amanda Galvan Huynh
by Hannah Cohen

MFA Poet at Old Dominion University Earns Prestigious Honor
by INSIDE ODU, April 2016

‘The First Language’ – An Interview with Amanda Huynh
by Taeler Kallmerten, Newfound, January 2016

Student poet finds inspiration in her past, future

by Jason Amaloo, The Shorthorn, May 2014