Nomination for Best New Poets 2019

Many thanks to Glass: A Journal of Poetry  for nominating “Only One of Us Can Breathe in Space” for the 2019 Best New Poets Anthology. I’m always humbled whenever my poems receive nominations, and I’m very grateful for the extra work that editors and their staff put into their journals and the support they give their contributors. Congratulations to Lauren Milici on her nomination as well!

To learn more about Glass and the work they do head on over to their website. If you are an avid reader then dive into their current issue or checking out their chapbook series. If you are a poet feel free to submit to their journal as they are wonderful to work with. To support these wonderful human beings and the work they do feel free to share their page, give them love, or buy one of their chapbooks.

For more information about Best New Poets you can check out their website as the open competition starts April 1 and ends May 15.

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