Countdown to Of Color: Poets’ Ways of Making Release Date

The official publication date for Of Color: Poets’ Ways of Making :: An Anthology of Essays on Transformative Poetics is March 27, 2019!

This is such an exciting time for Luisa A. Igloria and for myself as the idea came about in the fall of 2016! Yes, 2016. From brainstorming to putting out the call for essays to reading and selecting the essays to working with a publisher to minor bumps to last minute revisions—it has taken us two years and some change to finally reach our publication date.

As of right now there’s still time to preorder over at The Operating System’s main website. The publication date does coincide with the AWP Conference (Association of Writers & Writing Programs). If you will be at AWP in Portland this year then the anthology will be available at the book fair in two locations: The Operating System’s table as well as the Old Dominion University’s table. If you spot me at the conference then I will also have copies of the anthology for sale.

Until then I want to highlight some of the wonderful people and poets involved in this anthology as it takes a village to bring these anthologies to life.

Many thanks to the following writers who have graciously blurbed our anthology:

“What an astonishing symphony of ‘desperate and beautiful noise’ the editors have assembled here! It feels unprecedented to me, and yet somehow also already indispensable. I will be teaching, and learning, from this anthology for years.”
~ Kaveh Akbar, author of Calling a Wolf a Wolf

“Of Color assembles a remarkable chorus of voices, each distinct, powerful, and deeply moving on its own, but when taken together reflect the rich and complex soundscape of what it means to be a writer of color in America today. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to encounter a collection of essays which speak so honestly of the ways that grief, anxiety, gratitude, and love can bring us to the page and transform our language, our world, or even ourselves. “
~ Neil Aitken, author of The Lost Country of Sight and Babbage’s Dream

“There is a fierceness required or grown from having little choice but to be attentive. Like walking an uneven and dangerous path chock full of hidden or horizon-obliterating elements screaming quiet in their teeming to be witnessed. This is nothing less magic than the complex work-work of language itself, and in such crucial voicings, the ones offered right here. 

Of Color: Poets’ Ways of Making :: An Anthology of Essays on Transformative Poetics is testimonial and music, memory and urgency and loss, fire and salve for what has been, for the troubled ongoing future. 

The authors, the stories their bodies and flesh carry, the memories they often contend with, brought together and beautifully curated by Luisa A. Igloria and Amanda Galvan Huynh, are no easy “we.” And yet I risk this: it is in gathering uneasy, willing ourselves into readiness, to share how hard or through what experimentations in contention we got here that we may find in the stories, in the work, waystones for the journey on. 

I want to quote all the essays in this unbroken promise of a book to you. Like being the first in the crew to, just this side of gushing, pop in a tape our body responses decide carries our next song for crossing bridges. Instead, I say I needed this book many years ago, and need it now. May you who finds this so often brilliant waystone of a book carry it to the places more of us can find it, too. ”
~ Hari Alluri, author of The Flayed City

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