Submitting to Residencies: Thoughts & Resources

This year I have interacted with many writers who have asked about my experiences at artist/writer residencies. From curiosity to serious potential applicants, I noticed a trend in these encounters; physical tools were never exchanged. This realization led to creating an online space to work and field questions with writers interested in learning more about residencies.

At this time, I have worked within my BIPOC community as it creates a safe space for me to pilot this workshop. I consider this a way of learning as I do not know everything, and I acknowledge there are more qualified people than me. However, I also know that my knowledge can be helpful for those just starting to look into the application process.

I choose to work with a small group because I, as an attendee, have found smaller groups to be intimate and allows for more discussion. This is the reason my workshops are capped at a limited number of participants. While I could reach a larger audience at once I prefer to build community.

Time. If only we all had more time. There are many people who cannot attend my workshops and if there were two of me I’d probably be hosting workshops every day to help as many people as possible. Since I cannot split myself in two I did want to share some online resources (there aren’t many) I have found vital.

Alliance of Artists Communities
Sustainable Arts Foundation

There aren’t that many resources out there. Google isn’t very helpful when it comes to research because it leads you to the same places over and over. I have found that the Alliance of Artists Communities is by far the most helpful as their database is extensive. While this is a great database it can also be time consuming when you sit down to research places. There are numerous residencies with unique qualities that there is absolutely no one-size fits all. The Transartists website focuses on more international residencies.

Make sure to research the places you’re interested in. Here are a few questions I ask myself when researching residencies.

How long are these residencies? A week? A month?
How many artists will be there at once? 10? 55?
Is food provided? Or will I need to buy my own?
Accommodations? Cabin? House?
What time of the year can I go? 
How will I get myself there?
What are the fees to attend?
What is the application fee?
Does it require a letter of recommendation or recommender contact information?

I hope you found this information insightful and helpful. Good luck with your applications if you decide to apply.


*Some people use the Literistic email service. On top of literary journals to submit to, this group also includes residencies, fellowships, and grants. I do not subscribe to the long list ($5/a month — I believe) but I think I’m linked to the short list.

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